[KBoD] Khansa’s book of Dragons

Aside dinosaurs Khansa loves dragons. She has read all 12 books of ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ two times, including listening tp a couple of audio books that was read out by David ‘DrWho’ Tennant. The HTtyD books also contains 4 dragon cards at back which khansa liked to play battle with me sometimes.

Inspired by these carda she started to create her own book of dragons by sketching Dragons on small pieces of paper. I also bought her several other books about drawing dragons

I tried to jump in an redraw her dragon designs. So this is based on her dragon sketch below.

She has already drawn about 30 dragons complete with its details. Lets see how i can go. I try to stick to manual marker drawings just so that i can practice the classic way of doing it without getting digital

I Get it! Comics di buku text Bahasa Inggris

Salah satu komik strip “I Get it!” digunakan di buku pelajaran bahasa Inggris yang diterbitkan oleh Oxford University Press. Bukunya berjudul MYP English PHASE 4 dan nomer ISBNnya 9780198397984 (terbit April 2017).

Komiknya berjudul “Ghosted”


Quite proud of myself …Alhamdulillah

Oh ya ini penampakan bukunya, lupa namanya saya dapat edisi gratis apa enggak (saking terpananya), dapat honor juga tapi. 😀