Top Ten Stress…


  • IT
  • Medicine / Caring Profession
  • Engineering
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Operations
  • Production
  • Clerical


  • Workload
  • Feeling undervalued
  • Deadlines
  • Type of work people have to do
  • Having to take on other people’s work
  • Lack of job satisfaction
  • Lack of control over the working day
  • Having to work long hours
  • Frustration with the working environment
  • Targets


  • Seeing others not pulling their weight
  • Managers changing their minds about what they want doing
  • Lack of support from managers
  • Pressure from managers
  • Feeling put-upon by managers
  • Interruptions by colleagues
  • Interruptions by managers
  • Bullying behavior by managers
  • Lack of support from colleagues
  • Bullying behavior by colleagues

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What a great way to start your day…


14 thoughts on “Top Ten Stress…

  1. I got that one: caring profession, while feeling undervalued, lots of workloads, have to work long hours (maksa gitu rada2 kerja rodi), frustation with working environment (gak bisa protes oy) and dissapointment with the targets. And I got that one too: lack of support from colleague and pressure from managers (three of them, haduuuhh).

  2. work stress…: ngerjain proposal tugas akhir yg ditolak mulu karna katanya kurang data padahal kyknya semua data yg ada di internet dan perpus da dikuras….fiuh…

  3. IT tergantung konteks juga sih. Kalau di sekeliling orang non-IT sih iya, haha. Tapi juga bagus untuk jadi bahan blog. Mari bikin Top 10 Profession as Great Sources of Blog Posts. Aku nomor satunya aja, hehe. 1. A single IT technician among hundreds of people who can’t even plug the power sockets2. ….3. ….

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