Zero [part 2]


Mak Etek Yan (Uncle in Minang) asked Deni to join him to go to Lintau, Mak etek’s Home, a tradition held by Indonesian approaching Iedul Fitri Holiday. Deni refused his father’s offer and his brother Erick went accompanying his father. It was October 13, 2007 all Muslim’s around the world were celebrating the end of the fasting Month.

October 22, 2007

That night Mak etek Yan was sleeping at his home in Lintau, Erick has gone home earlier because he has to continue his college. Suddenly he woke up because he felt that the house was shaking violently thumbling him from his bed. At first he thought it was an earthquake that has been hitting Sumatera for several times.Later a call came in from his Wife. Deni went through an accident and is in the hospital.

… a fragment from Deni’s funeral.

“A father should never bury his son …” (King Theoden – Lord Of the Rings “The Two Towers”


8 thoughts on “Zero [part 2]

  1. roelworks said: Iya, nyokap orang Tapi Selo

    hihihhihi tetanggaan kampungnya.lagi kecil gw mandi-mandi di Tapi Selo tuh hehehhiehiehihiehieihe.sekampung juga kita ya ama istri si JK (hihihi, penting ga sih?) hehheheBTW, my condolences for your cousin.

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