Typo? I don’t think so …

“Never too late to Action”

Prepositions..momok banget

What makes it lamer:
COMICSANS!!! Man, it’s NOT a DEFAULT comic font, even it has COMIC in it as a name! You should’ve use THISISDAREALCOMICFONT.ttf . You can download it for free anywhere at the internet. (if you know that there is a technology called Internet) D’oooooohhh…

And a tribal/inca fireman…nice effort…not bad laaaaah…


Never too late to act


Never too late for action

Action is a noun, you can’t use a noun with a “to” preposition because to are usually for verbs. Who ever the copywriter is..nice try, dude!

Inspired by om Isman, thx to my wife’s cellphone. Foto di ambil di Mal Lippo Karawaci 😀


26 thoughts on “Typo? I don’t think so …

  1. Siap Pak guru!! jadi inget dulu ada slogan di sebuah kolam renang di Bekasi tulisannya,”Let’s us something, something.”Keren kan pake Ingrisan, malu kalo salah, hehe.

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