Street Musicians


Well I know there are far more elaborate acts in other city, even in metropolitan cities they should have really crazy street performance. I usually write these comics in Indonesian to share with my friends on the other site (which is about to be taken down) so there is a bit of mix of Indonesian and English in this one.

It’s been almost four years since I’ve been in this town (Luton). Moving from a city of 12 million people to a town with only about 200,000 people in one has to adjust.  I’ve been an a faithful observer  trying to share my experience with my friends back home.  I blame the procrastinator devil in me : D enjoy

So You Had a Bad Day

Since I’ve started commuting for a couple of months, i realize there is a great smell of coffee when i got out of the gates coming from a small bajaj/tuk-tuk stall selling coffee. The smell of the coffee was so good It inspired me to make this strip:

You Had a Bad Day by Roelworks

I showed the comic to the owner, who is also the sole coffee barista. Her name is Charlie and she was very impressed and gave me a free bag of grounded coffee beans. 😀

The Coffee shop is called Soko Coffee in St Albans in the UK – you can go their website  0r their facebook : or their twitter: @sokocoffee


Now back to work …

Two Storm

Don Lawrence and his comic Series Storm has been somehow an influence to me growing up as a comic artist.I love his colouring and I remember a senior Indonesian artist from Ananda Magazine, NBC Sukma, doing the same thing.

Dua Badai or Two Storms is a blogger that I ‘met’ in multiply. He is a great photographer and likes to pop by at my multiply. His Multiply ID inspired this Ororoe Monroe fan art:

Storm fan art by Roelworks

Later he ‘requested’ a pic of him with Roodhaar/Redhair/Carrots/Ember from the comic Storm. I’m not good at drawing sexy woman in , and i’m no Don Lawrence but here is my take on his request (I seldom do request – commisions more likely :D)


Never met Dua Badai before, so i’m relying on a small headshot photo /avatar of his..hopefully I don’t make him too handsome 😆 …so here you go Dua Badai a.k.a. Two Storm

Art inspired by the Bat

Have been a Batman fan since a little, although I don’t follow the comic religiously, watched some of the movies (haven’t watched the last installment of the Dark Knight :D)

Cats vs Bats

This one was from Date Knight by Tim Sale in the Solo series.

Batgirl Hammer
Batgirl Hammer

Batgirl and Robin beat the crap of each other in “Fresh Blood” comic book – this is the hammer version

Batman vs Superman

This is a memorable scene from Frank Millers – Dark Knight Comic Book where Batman KO-ed Superman using a lamp post 😀

Batgirl Year One

Batgirl aka Barbara Gordon aka the future Oracle in her first year

Bat Signal
Bat Signal

I usually suck at perspective so i used a little help from Google Sketch Up to achieve this worm eye view of the bat signal

hope you enjoy that 😀

Art Inspired by the World Cup

I’m not much of a football fan, but the latest world cup I watched the world cup with my wife who enjoys cheering the teams. So here are some pictures related to the 2010 World cup – If you follow the last world cup you might get the picture. 😀 These were posted in my Multiply site and Deviantart, put together in one post here.

Germany vs England
Germany vs Uruguay


Germany vs Argentina
Brazil vs Netherlands
Germany vs Spain
Germany vs Spain

Spain vs Netherlands






Chibi Guitars

Super deformed or SD is a specific style of Japanese caricature where characters are drawn in an exaggerated way, typically small and chubby, with stubby limbs and oversized heads, to make them resemble small children. This style forms an integral part of what Japanese and American anime fans refer to as chibi. (Wikipedia)

This was formerly a post in my Multiply sites some years ago.I’m trying out the gallery feature in

Here was the original description:

Niatnya mau belajar Vexel atau vector art. Setelah berjalan-jalan kesini yang menyarankan agar mentrace foto wanita, yang saya agak-agak gimanaaaaaaa gitu … tapi tetap mau belajar Vexel akhirnya memutuskan untuk mentrace gitar-gitar gitaris favoritku. Sekalian juga mau melatih lagi skill menggambar chibi yang saya pelajar dari bapak ini dan ini dan akang Gojira.
Maka inilah sebagian gitaris kaporit beserta gitarnya, buat yang sebelumnya sempet ikutan nebak gitar dipostingan saya yang dulu bisa memastikan tebakannya benar atau nggak. Comments are welcome

All pictures are 1024 x 768 wallpaper size
All done with Adob Illustrator CS 2 dan finishing di Photoshop 7.0
Artwork copyright

All Guitars are copyright of related guitar company and artist