Art inspired by the Bat

Have been a Batman fan since a little, although I don’t follow the comic religiously, watched some of the movies (haven’t watched the last installment of the Dark Knight :D)

Cats vs Bats

This one was from Date Knight by Tim Sale in the Solo series.

Batgirl Hammer
Batgirl Hammer

Batgirl and Robin beat the crap of each other in “Fresh Blood” comic book – this is the hammer version

Batman vs Superman

This is a memorable scene from Frank Millers – Dark Knight Comic Book where Batman KO-ed Superman using a lamp post 😀

Batgirl Year One

Batgirl aka Barbara Gordon aka the future Oracle in her first year

Bat Signal
Bat Signal

I usually suck at perspective so i used a little help from Google Sketch Up to achieve this worm eye view of the bat signal

hope you enjoy that 😀


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