Two Storm

Don Lawrence and his comic Series Storm has been somehow an influence to me growing up as a comic artist.I love his colouring and I remember a senior Indonesian artist from Ananda Magazine, NBC Sukma, doing the same thing.

Dua Badai or Two Storms is a blogger that I ‘met’ in multiply. He is a great photographer and likes to pop by at my multiply. His Multiply ID inspired this Ororoe Monroe fan art:

Storm fan art by Roelworks

Later he ‘requested’ a pic of him with Roodhaar/Redhair/Carrots/Ember from the comic Storm. I’m not good at drawing sexy woman in , and i’m no Don Lawrence but here is my take on his request (I seldom do request – commisions more likely :D)


Never met Dua Badai before, so i’m relying on a small headshot photo /avatar of his..hopefully I don’t make him too handsome 😆 …so here you go Dua Badai a.k.a. Two Storm


2 thoughts on “Two Storm

  1. *akhirnya bisa login juga*

    Thnx very much mas Roel! dunno what else to say..
    btw gambarnya ane share, boleh? tetap dikasih link ke sini kok, hehe.. (^_^)v

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