So You Had a Bad Day

Since I’ve started commuting for a couple of months, i realize there is a great smell of coffee when i got out of the gates coming from a small bajaj/tuk-tuk stall selling coffee. The smell of the coffee was so good It inspired me to make this strip:

You Had a Bad Day by Roelworks

I showed the comic to the owner, who is also the sole coffee barista. Her name is Charlie and she was very impressed and gave me a free bag of grounded coffee beans. 😀

The Coffee shop is called Soko Coffee in St Albans in the UK – you can go their website  0r their facebook : or their twitter: @sokocoffee


Now back to work …


5 thoughts on “So You Had a Bad Day

  1. myfickleboon says:

    aku juga gatau kenapa kalo lagi galau, nyium bau kopi rasanya… nyessss… damai… *lebay* apalagi kalo dikasih gratiissss

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