Art Insipired by How to Train Your Dragon Book

I knew about How to Train Your Dragon from the Movie hubub. I managed to get the books from the Luton Library and immediately got hooked! It’s different from the movie. In the book Hiccup is just tiny little Viking with Toothles a also tiny Dragon 😀 and there is no Astrid, instead Hiccup as Kamikazi the warrior viking from the neighboring tribe. While Fishleg is well smaller than the Fishleg in the movie. Here are some fan arts based on the book.

Hiccup and Toothless

I was raised by watching Vicky the Viking, so i think Hiccup kinda has that Vicky look. As for Toothless, in the book he is described as being as big as a highland terrier? not a dog person…:D

HTTYD: Laughing stock

Hiccup was bullied by Snotlout and Dogsbreath the Duhbrain after the dragon hunting.

WHYYY!!!!??? This was after Hiccup and his friends failed Viking initiation, Toothless lost his only tooth after biting another dragon, Hiccup and the rest of the boys were sentenced to banishment.
Camicazi : Camicazi, the wild female heir to the Bog-Burglars Viking tribe…
not as slender as cressida’s description:D small enough to be a top burglar I think…
Fishleg berserk mode on
Hiccup Toothless and Fishleg meet the Sabretooth Dragon…

How to Train Your Dragon is by Cressida Cowel

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