Ghosts in 30 minutes

Scribbles I made with the help of Google for reference in approximately 30 minutes.  Trying to develop ideas for Scrypto comics. Ghost are somehow cultural and differ in each country or region. Nowadays ghost are decided by media 😀


Can you guess them all ? Some are local Indonesian ghosts, one is not a ghost 😀


8 thoughts on “Ghosts in 30 minutes

  1. 1. rambutkuning ga tahu, batman? reog
    2. tengkorak, casper, pacarnya casper? ghostbuster
    3. pocong, hantunya orang cina [apa sih namanya?], tuyul, sadako, kunti, suster ngesot
    4. ghost [halah ada demimor], eyang subur? sapa nih?
    5. satria bergitar?

    kurang wewegombel, maklampir, butoijo, gendruwo, kakek gayung, nenek sumur, apalagi ya?

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