[Tutorial] Making Speech Bubbles in Photoshop

In this short tutorial I’m trying to explain how to make dialog comic balloons in Photoshop. This is not a basic Photoshop tutorial, as you must be familiar with the pen tool and layers. Dialog balloons are usually already positioned when doing story board or your initial sketches.( It helps a lot from keeping your panel become overcrowded with balloons). If you are ¬†sure about your balloon placements then you can ink them straight away. I think adding the balloons later on makes my comic look neater and I can always change the balloons afterwards.

I’m using a panel from a Work In Progres comic by Rick Pipito from Scrypt Comics.

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[Output]Visualizing a piece of Music 2


The other track used is an rock guitar Instrumental by Paul Gilbert/Racer X. ¬†The Curly shapes refers to a the complex solo guitar. In Indonesia its jokingly refered as a ‘keriting” solo guitar (keriting – curly).


The two visualization can be used as a prototype to static visualization of (particularly) rock music. The constrains are since it was only tested against two subjects who are both female and no interest what so ever in rock music it might be different if the subjects of survey were musicians, or people who likes listening to rock music.

The designer is not a music player nor can read music sheets apart from guitar tabs and purely based his decision on the small survey done.

Further study needs to be conducted to find correlation between colours and emotion and then music probably through psychoanalisis or pscychology.

A different response can be achieved if these were animated with sound which brings the viewer into the music.

[Output] Visualizing a piece of music

2013-05-12 18.57.40

I decided to combine both results and break the song into 5 dominant parts. I expect the viewer to read this poster in linear lines like a music sheet. I can’t read music sheets what so ever and neither does both of the ¬†subjects from the study cases.

I underlined the wave motion and the flying moves that was demonstrated earlier by the second subject. The track is called “Air” by Jason Becker. Air in Indonesia ¬†means ‘water’, while in English its more related to the sky. Still both the sky and water are usually related to the¬†colour¬†blue.

“Air” – Work in Progress

This poster feels disconnected  in someway and missing its flow. I decided to change the orientation to landscape which makes it less chopped.

Air - Work In Progress 2
Air – Work In Progress 2