Sunday Art jam (and random rants) by the end of 2013

Desperately trying to find ideas for my Final Major project and a brief by January is not an easy task while other deadlines are also asking for attention … a busy end of the year.

I finally finished one strip for I Get It Comics (huffing and puffing) and managed to send to CnS before Christmas. Need to make te web version for the I Get it Comics website  but that can wait until next year.

There was also this order to make a book cover. Again this was a kind of mission impossible because the author wanted a cover but gave minimum reference to the places he/she described in his request. After googling and putting together a picture using Illustrator, Photosop and some random sky picture from the net…the author decided to use another design for personal reasons that I can’t discuss here. Strange world indeed…a cover can have such impact on a person’s life. Here is the concept:


I tried to get my mind of the proposal stuff  and this failed cover project by doing a Facebook cover for the Komik Karpet Biru Facebook. I used the Tim Tiga as the cover while trying to emulate Pat Lee‘s colouring in DarkMinds comic ( an old comic from the 2000’s). I suck so much at drawing the lines good thing this colouring method hides the lines ..:lol:

Tim TIga created by Rasuardie
Tim TIga created by Rasuardie

After finishing that I tried to develop some sketches for an upcoming comic compilation that is going to be published in Indonesia (yay!), that’s if I ever finish 15 pages of comics by the end of the year (*playing Mission Impossible soundtrack) . Which reminds me that my phone was sent of to be repaired :/ … can’t show you any work in progress.

In attempt to boost the mood I browsed some movies and managed to watch FAstFive which was pretty good and sad now Paul Walker is gone, but Jordana Brewster is so sweet #^_^# …and the future Wonderwoman what can say *speechless*. After I browsed for other movies but couldn’t watch more than 5 minutes *yawn*. Rewatched “Narnia- The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe” with Khansa but fell asleep afterwards.

I also stumbled a new band called Amaranthe , which accompanied me in translating an article for Immy titled “Notes from the 2013 COMIC FIESTA” . I haven’t been translating from Indonesia to English for awhile so I thought this would be a good exercise. Whils doing this blog entry (gosh I’m so distracted) I already finished 2/3 of it while listening to albums of Amaranthe especially a track called Amaranthine which means Immortal, but nothing like Evanescence “My Immortal”.

Actually, right now I wanted to do a lot of things But doing my assignments and my deadlines. Some ideas for Selina came up randomly or some song inspired pinups. But there is this thing  called priority, so it’s back to the keyboard and finishing the translation before it start dragging.

*Jampang dan Eneng belum T_T*


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