This one is for you


I suck in wrting songs, can’t read notes unlike Rick Pipito from ScryptComics who record his own songs. But I can draw 😀 so here I am performing.  You pick the song 😀


[Weekend Jam] Burn Your Cosmos!


Too many sad news coming…did something to cheer me up.

For you who don’t know this i Dragon Shiryu from Saint Seiya

Manual and Photoshop


[Research] Mapping CCTvs

As part of researching CCTv , I mapped all visible CCTVs from the uni to George Square









There were several type CCTvs, mostly point at where possible crowd gather (Town Hall, Square) or where senstiive transaction is going on (till, ATMs) or entrances.


Is Google making us stupid? The great debate on whether the Internet is good or Bad.


You can’t produce great artwork with a computer but you can speed up enormously

Wim Crowell  Graphic Designer/Typographer



Since the age of Internet begun , the past 18 years has seen the rapid development of Google as one of the most influential search engine in the internet today. Google search engine wasn’t the first search engine on the web,  but Google surely dominates the web. These days, the term ‘just Google’ it when we need an answer for a question or in need to find something is very common.

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[Visual Experiment] Numbers, Appropriation and Barcodes

After researching Numbers, John stezacker and Barcodes incluiding QR codes

nurul 02 bills wrapped up nurul 01 bills nurul 08 - barcode 2 no name numbers bills

I further experiment with QR codes (the latest generation barcode) and pictures of celebrities, each barcode links to what in my opinion is related to them

einstein Obama morrison audrey bush


Selina: Midnight Talk

Keterusan, nih …gambar buat cerita Selina ..kali ini dalam episode “Midnight Talk