CCTV snapshots 2

To gain more authenticity and capture the essence of a cctv, I tried to use a spy cam pen and record videos using the pen when going out. The problem with the pen is that we can’t aim and have to trust on how its positioned in our pocket. It turned out that most of the shot were of the ceiling, because the way it was in the front pocket.

I tried to collage them and combine with the previous shots.

I remembered Joshua Davis, a Flash Designer who used patterns and a randomizer in flash to create patterns With this collage type randomizer, its seems more fixed compated to joshua Davis’ dynamic patterns.

Poster possibility

Picasa 3 3242014 121212 PM
The Picasa Collage interface

CCTV snapshots

Following up for my final major project, I decided to create a new ‘CCTV’ footage. This time I emulate the videos/cctv that are put on cars to record travels for insurance and also copying what the google map cars are doing. The footage was taken in the afternoon on the way to work and consisted of two parts because I stopped the camerra because of traffic jam.

I started with the second part of the footage by capturing frame every 5 or 8 seconds using VLC media player. All Images were PNG. On further reflection on what to do with this capture footages, I remembered  Gerard Richter with his artwork 4900 colours. Gerard Richter used a computer program to randomize colours in a 5x 5 grid. I also reflected on works by Stanza called “Urban Rhytms”.

Urban Rhytm - Madrid grid Poster by Stanza
Urban Rhytm – Madrid grid Poster by Stanza
4900 colours by Gerard Richter -
4900 colours by Gerard Richter –


So I decided to collage all the pictures, consisting of about 100 pictures that are converted to JPEG. To make the collage I used Picasa 3 that is free. So I saved every combination that was  made by Picasa in total I made about 25 combination.

These 25 combination were then collaged again using Picasa, where I made about 9 combination which I also collaged again

The final Collage is this:

experiment 02The second footage was taken near / around dusk which is why the ambience is more blue-ish. The next experiment involves the first part where the day was more bright.

The second degree collage is this:

experiment 04While Stanza used a live feed of cctv through sniffing, this is a more controlled works since I decided the footage. In my opinion this more closer to Gerard Richter’s work that was using a computer to decide the combination.

Fullscreen capture 3242014 124609 PM

Zenit – PRologue preview page


Zenit, an arc story by my friend Imansyah Lubis. I finished this drawing of this book (the fourth of the series) many years ago.  Still it hasn’t managed to reach the light.  I’m trying to colour the B/W pages in a very slowly pace. Maybe someday i can finish this serie colour and lettered in one book. Probably published…:D

some of the pages can be seen on the Zenit Facebook page



[Artist Talk] Rekha Sameer – Conceptual Artist

Notes frome lecture:

There are choices and limitatation we have to stick and try to push and make it work.


Rekha used CCTV projection on the to create an artwork.

Make art accesible

People are accepting that we are being recorded.

It’s hard to convince people

THe aim of an art work (particularly hers) is to transfer simple feelings or concept it doesn’t have to be something life changing or bombastic. (noted)

You can learn from somebody who disagrees

Reading suggestion/influences




Random Reflection on the Research

Surveillance is it important?


In live we are always under surveillance, or at least we feel like it. As a child we are afraid that our parents might see what we are doing, or become surprised when our parents found out that we did something after we tried to cover it up. at school we are under surveillance by our teachers or authorities either through grades, test, reports. We are under surveillance constantly , but now we are more and more being watched. With the CCTvs everywhere, our on line behavior, forms that we have to fill in giving away our identities our details our lives.


Surveillance at work is it important?

One characterstic of these post modern age society is the dissapearance of trust. We question everything that is


The company is in constant  competition, and become thrifty with money, they want to make sure that their money are used and returned properly. The company wants to make sure they profit because without profit the company will die.


While the employees want to make sure they work on their own pace but gain money. With the media projecting consumerism its easy to fall for easy money. But what if the employees don’t watch TV? They just don’t have any choice but to work, to continue another day.


Is surveillance a must in that case?


When it comes to protecting assets surveillance become a must. When it comes to money well there is no mercy. I’ve worked as an HR and we constantly monitor the employees, what time do they clock in and out, my Manager even breakdown their salary in minutes so that he can explain to employees who are late what they cost to the company. Monitring is done not by CCtv but performance report for sales people, managers report based on lower level reports. surveillance is going on. In an informal way employees are watching other employees , surveillance again.


Employee records are only accesible by HR, privacy is maintained, employees are not allowed to discuss pay slips , that’s privacy. But in the end we all know who got paid how much. Surveillance is done in counting overtime hours, employee performance etc. Sometimes we have to know what is going on in the employees house , surveillance again.


But how much should be under surveillance? A farmer uses a scarecrow to keep birds from stealing its crops. But things will be missing even a grain.


Sharing on the web are we trying to project something.

I’ve been an internet user for quite sometime. I had several blogs. I tried to be honest to whoever is reading my blog that they see me. I’m not using strange avatars or picture profile. After I got married I limit my thoughts and pictures that I share .


There is this quote from the Godfather saying that don’t let anybody know what you are thinking.and there is this digital permanence. What goes on the Internet stays on the Internet

When i started working at Amazon as a temporary associate three years ago I was told that there should be secrets kept to Amazon and that employees are subject to prosecution of leaking Amazon’s secret. I was already keeping a blog just to keep in touch with my family and friends.  I want to tell them what was going on with my life but not jeopardizing my job. I got fired by the end of christmas and later compiled my experience in a series of comic strips with no mentioning of where I work and i searched the internet of already available information to use.


Later i found more blogging platforms such as deviantart, wordpress, and so on. Still I select what I post. On Deviantart I want to show my skills, or my creativity. I was using multiply for mor personal matters but i got closed down and I switched to WOrdpress. Still on wordpress I kept control on what I’m saying or sharing because I can not control who can see what and what going to happen with that information.


Before wordpress there was On multiply I had more control on who seeing what and who came by to  my site. Although who are behind each avatar visiting could be fake.


I’m also using Linkedin with a more serious purposes of finding a job, consciously putting my skills to be found by search engines and later to be recommended to a job. Same thing with online job websites, where I upload my CV with my phone number including address. Its scary now to think that i’ve exposed myself that much. But is it something avoidable, if you don’t put your address does it make you a fake? While the address itself could be fake.


“Stop. Think. Click.”


I’m using Facebook one as my comic studio and Two as my self. When it comes to my personal facebook I limit my contacts to the one I know. And set the post to friends only. Still I know that Facebook knows more than what I share. Facebook is constantly monitoring my online behavior and what I click.


The same when it comes to online shopping such as Amazon or Ebay, where there show my recent buying and recent showing and later making suggestion on things that I should buy. In my opinion this kind of surveillance is nifty and handy  because we are recommended things that the program thinks is suitable for us, in an effort to boost sales. A really cost saving techniques.


Am I bothered by that? Well, lets say you like to go to a shop regularly and someday the store keeper recommended you some stuff that you were looking for. Would I be offended that the storekeeper has been surveilling me? I don’t think i should be.


As a web designer i’m consciously putting in codes into web pages in order to be find by google bots, or search engine bots. I also consciously try to arrange a web page so it becomes search engine friendly. In a way I want to be monitored, the more the better. On facebook as a comic studio I tried to be found, accept friends , like pages, be social.


So far I’ve researched into the dark part of surveillance, where our identity is exposed openly.

If it is socialmedia then we are building a hyperreality, we are playing roles according to  what our avatar is or what we want to be, a bully, a troll, a handyman, a loving person, somebody with lots of ‘friends’, we try to build a virtual relationship. with the progress of technology people are more accustomed to touching glass than feeling paper. Will people cease to use organic materials, will books die? In accordance to surveillance will we be measured by barcodes that are scannable? how will the social media  be in the next 10 years. WIll we be just downloading what the data said about a person instead of talks and meetings and building trust and likeness? Will everything be on click of button because we gave all our data stored somewhere and a program just decide for you?


as  a designer where do i stand? Will i be able to do commision just by seeing somebody’s profile on facebook? I think I already use social media to learn about person with the convenience of the internet that bring people virtually closer. But not necessarily being who we are, scanning blogs, instagrams, twitters, for patterns of humanity so that i can execute my commision without clients needing to tell me. But is that the real person? It could be somebody else’s picture (a scamming technique pretty popular these days).


Are we becoming less less personal, more mechanical. Back to the surveillance culture, in a article about privacy 25% of people doesn’t care about their privacy. (


so is privacy dead? We still close our doors, close our curtains, lock the car, keep password hidden, keep keys safe. But i’ve listen to this campaign where it implies that people are becoming more and more careless or not ignorant about their privacy. SHould we warn them?

[Fan Art] Tornado of Souls



This morning I made the call
The one that ends it all
Hanging up, I wanted to cry
But dammit, this well’s gone dry
Not for the money, not for the fame
Not for the power, just no more games

But now I’m safe in the eye of the tornado
I can’t replace the lies, that let a 1000 days go
No more living trapped inside
In her way I’ll surely die
In the eye of the tornado, blow me away

You’ll grow to loathe my name
You’ll hate me just the same
You won’t need your breath
And soon you’ll meet your death
Not from the years, not from the use
Not from the tears, just self abuse

But now I’m safe in the eye of the tornado
I can’t replace the lies, that let a 1000 days go
No more living trapped inside
In her way I’ll surely die
In the eye of the tornado, blow me away

Who’s to say, what’s for me to say
Who’s to say, what’s for me to be
Who’s to say, what’s for me to do
Cause a big nothing it’ll be for me

The land of opportunity
The golden chance for me
My future looks so bright
Now I think I’ve seen the light

Can’t say what’s on my mind
Can’t do what I really feel
In this bed I made for me
Is where I sleep, I really feel

I warn you of the fate
Proven true to late
Your tongue twist perverse
Come drink now of this curse
And now I fill your brain
I spin you round again
My poison fills your head
As I tuck you into bed
You feel my fingertips
You won’t forget my lips
You’ll feel my cold breath
It’s the kiss of death

[Fan Art] My Immortal

This piece is also some work from 2-3 years ago which I couldn’t finish for I don’t know what reason. Akhirnya selesai juga…


 I’m so tired of being here
Suppressed by all my childish fears
And if you have to leave
I wish that you would just leave
Cause your presence still lingers here
And it won’t leave me alone

These wounds won’t seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There’s just too much that time cannot erase

When you cried I’d wipe away all of your tears
When you’d scream I’d fight away all of your fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have
All of me

You used to captivate me
By your resonating light
Now I’m bound by the life you left behind
Your face it haunts
My once pleasant dreams
Your voice it chased away
All the sanity in me

These wounds won’t seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There’s just too much that time cannot erase

When you cried I’d wipe away all of your tears
When you’d scream I’d fight away all of your fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have
All of me

I’ve tried so hard to tell myself that you’re gone
But though you’re still with me
I’ve been alone all along

When you cried I’d wipe away all of your tears
When you’d scream I’d fight away all of your fears
And I held you hand through all of these years
But you still have
All of me

Music and Lyrics :Evanescence


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halaman guna guna

41 copy Pernah ada masa2 dimana gw semangat banget maen game Final Fantasy.. Terakhir maen yang FF XIII-2.. Gak peduli sesibuk apapun, hampir konsisten tiap hari gw maenin kurang lebih satu jam.. Perlahan, semangat itu berkurang, sampe akhirnya sekarang pun gw belum berhasil menamatkan itu game..  Padahal gw suka banget loh sama ini game..

Pernah juga ada saat dimana gw konsisten bikin jurnal visual.. Yaah, model buku visual diary gitu deh.. Hampir konsisten, setiap minggu, atau bahkan kalo lagi semangat banget, bisa setiap hari bisa ada gambar baru di diary itu.. Perlahan, semangat pun mulai turun.. Meski satu jilid buku udah penuh, dan sudah beranjak ke buku kedua, semangat gw jadi melempem.. Udah beberapa bulan buku kedua visual diary gw itu cuman berisi beberapa gambar aja di sejumlah halaman2 awal buku.. Padahal dari jaman kuliah dulu gw udah suka banget ngegambar dan ngewarnain..

Gw juga ngamatin, dulu awal2 game LINE POP dan…

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