Exhibition Pick Me Up

24 April – 5 May 2014
Open daily 10.00 – 18.00 (Last admission 17.15)
Late night Thursdays and Fridays until 22.00 (Last admission 21.15)
Embankment Galleries, South Wing
Participants: Various

Pick Me Up is a graphic arts festival held annually boasting an informal atmosphere with display by talents selected by a special panel. The Exhibition consisted of two floors; the first floor consisted of display by rising new talents selected artist from all over the world

The second floor consisted of Illustration houses and their booths where visitors can interact and even create their own posters or even painting cut out shapes or joining a card battle (puckcollectives.com). Some booths also show case manual small scales printing machines. Each day there is a special event going at one of the rooms at the second floor, including plasticine animation workshop and events for children.
Some highlights of the event was In my Opinion was Handsome Frank and the Puck Collective. Handsome

Franks displayed amazing illustrations using different kind of medium. And the way they promoted their work through instagram and twitter plus a laid back ambience with the music playing added a plus for work displayed all though most of the studio spots were crammed with works.

Puck Collective interested me, because they are inviting people to create their own battle cards and hold a tournament each week. Puck Collective is one of the largest UK illustration collective consisting of 40 members.
Jack Hudson an Illustrator from Birmingham also interested me by his illustrations combining big and small. I particularly liked the face picture.

In all I think the idea of involving the visitors in creating something could be a way to interest the visitor to know more about the studio or the process. . It also gives me more exposure to the illustration world outside the popular media.


There are some artist that I know documenting in difficult areas and or where documenting photos would be difficulti. One is Joe Sacco with his Book “Palestine” and “Footnotes in Gaza” or  “Save are Gorazde” (a documentation about the Bosnian War first hand from the conflict area)


Another example is Guy Delisle with “Shenzen – a Travelogue from China” where the author went to China document his experience there or “Pyongyang: a journey in North Korea” where Guy Delisle went behind the most closed country and work and documented his journey

27152644535Although not purely relying on memory  they still use themselves as a tool to record events or experience to let the world, Although in a situation where cencorship is harsh or condition are extreme (war).


Much of restrictions these days with the easyness of digital cameras. We are not allowed to take pictures in lots of places. But how was it in the days where cameras were invinted? People rely on memories and sribble them down on rocks, paper, leaves.

In this photography age, the court room in certain countries were sterile from photographers because they were considered disruptive with their flash cameras , so sketch artist are employed by the media to document scenes from the court. The artist sketched outside the court room based on memories.

There are no ‘thought police’ as in george Orwell’s 1984, Our memory are still ours, our skills our still ours we can’t be dictated on what to remember or what stays in our memory despite constant propaganda and restriction either by government or corporate. and our only freedom might be that we can.

an example is the cartoons from survivors of the north Korean Gulak. The  north Korean government might succumb his body, but not his memories.





Gruesome Sketches of Torture Inside North Korea Gulag


Well, it’s been a while, went home for 3 weeks to Indonesia and now got sick. Guess the weather changes was to much 😀 . Some good news though. “Papomics” a comic compilation of Dads telling their story is going to be published in Indonesia soon. I got to collaborate with friends such as the legendary Oyasujiwo, extremely talented Haris, and Harry. *my drawing looks soooo not good behind these guys*.

Right now i was informed that the comic is now being printed. Here is a glimpse of the cover



Beli yaaaa…atau paling nggak like dulu facebook page nya di https://www.facebook.com/papomics