Fourth Day Ink Drawing #inktober

I’m featured on Master Crow’s fourth day of Inktober, ..

The Crow Reborn

Once, in our WhatsApp group of Multiply veterans, he said that I look effortlessly “menacing” and “intimidating”. Kinda strange to hear that from a guy whose presence radiates the aura of danger. I mean, he’s a big guy. Nearly as tall as I am (by Asian standard, that is), and he’s definitely heavier.

So I decide to make a point here for my fourth day ink drawing. With his permission, I borrow his likeness for this. Since he draws the character Jampang regularly, I decided to draw him as that character.

Still using cheap Reeves nylon-hair brush and even cheaper Yamura ink, and directly without any pencil sketch whatsoever, here’s what I come up with today:


Yeah, that’s Jampang with a goatee. Not really in tune with the usual image of the legendary Betawi folk hero, I know, but I think that doesn’t make him look less dangerous.

Now that…

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