Music for Speeding

Haven’t properly write something in my blog, except for some random drawing (excuses, excuses) . So I decided to write something during my short lunch break. As the title, this post will be about my top 5 music for speeding a.k.a. driving a car. I’m not much of a racer but I like to pump up the volume in my audio with nice music. Although this list mostly consist of rock song, it is a mix of Instrumental and Vocal songs….and here goes the list.

1.  Fuel Injection Stingray – Marty Friedman

The title of this blog post was taken from Marty Friedman’s album, and this song is from that album. Here is Marty’s story about the song:

This song inspired the “music for speeding” title. I had much of this tune written while I was in Megadeth, but I made it a little more modern when I did it for this album. This song is all about full speed driving in a muscle car. The title I borrowed from a Beach Boys tune, and no one writes car songs like they do, but they never really did any heavy ones so I had to be the one to do it. This song features both bass players, Jimmy and Barry. Jimmy is playing the funky stuff under the solos and Barry is holding down the heavy riffs. I got really particular about using each player’s separate strengths to the fullest.


2. Black Magic – Reb Beach

My all-time favorite, feels good woozing while listening to this tune. You can watch the latest live performance from Reb here:

3. Motorcycle Driver – Joe Satriani

Well, my list wouldn’t be complete without any Satch in it. Taken from the succesfull ‘The Extremist’ album. I like when Satch emulates the sound of motorcycles accelerating with his guitar.

4. The Disintegrators – Megadeth

Another Marty Friedman in it but this time with Megadeth. A really adrenaline pumping song. A bit of story of this song, I was listening to this song on my walkman while Jakarta was burned to the ground in the 1998 riot, I remember walking to the empty streets of Salemba ending up at UI and seeing buildings set ablaze.

5. Speed F*cks – Charlie Parra

This guy is a Youtube guitar player from Peru which I recently became a fan of and bought 2 of his albums, he made a lot of metal covers of movie and anime soundtracks, besides some original tracks. most of the covers can be downloaded for free. You can check Charlie’s Youtube Channel here


Well, there they are my top 5, why not 10? because I’m running out of time for my break 😀


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