[Comic] Yang tertolak

It’s Ramadhan, Alhamdulillah. So I might put down some Islamic comics ideas I’ve put of for a while. Also the #Ramadhancomic iniative on Facebook asked me to contribute (gak pede pol , dah). This comic is also posted on Comics for Islamic Days website and Facebook. It’s in Indonesian.

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[Lyrics] No Good in Goodbye

no-good-goodbyePhotoshop doodle, and playing with typography. Been listening to “The Script” a lot lately

Apparently the colours scheme matched their video somehow

some would say i should’ve animated it, but no time to do during break

Typesetting Manga

Something to remember when doing lettering

How is typesetting manga different from typesetting American comics?

US comics tend to use speech balloons with a horizontal format, whereas Japanese comics use speech balloons with a vertical format (because of vertical writing). Manga balloons, in Japanese form, and in well-lettered English translations – use a LOT more white space within the speech balloon. A ‘typical’ US comic will use horizontal white space equal to one or 2 characters. A ‘typical’ manga will use horizontal white space equal to the longest line of text. Shoujo manga will sometimes have a little more white space, and Shonen manga will sometimes have a little less, but they will generally have more than US comics.

US comics tend to rely on the order of panels to guide the reader through the page and through the story. Manga is much more likely to use the word balloons to guide you through the page…

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