Featured at The Photoshop Daily

My short tutorial on making Photoshop comic bubbles somehow got linked at a website called “The Photoshop Daily”

tutorial get featured

The page used for the tutorial was from a comic by Rick Pipito from Script Comics called “Soul 4 Supper: Ghostly Hauntings” . I decided to tweet about it yesterday and now it shows up on that site. The page actually got a lot of visits before (well not like a lot lot – frequent I might say).  I guess the tutorial is useful or  often searched

Maybe I should tweet my other tutorial ….:D

Leap year, Deviantart and getting featured

It was leap day yesterday, a day that comes only in 4 years. But live was as usual work and a lot coffee *lol*. Today I visited my deviantart (which i haven’t done in a while) and found out that one of my “How to Train Your Dragon” fan art has been featured in one of the groups.


 Original art can be seen here

I did visit Cressida Cowell’s How to Train Your Dragon exhibition in Norwich couple of weeks ago, maybe I’ll put up the pictures late …

now I should get back to work