Man of Steel

I’ve been a Batman fan all along, I think partly is because Batman is easy to draw and quickly identifiable although just his shadow. And when i got asked to make a Superman T-shirt for a birthday present, I was reluctant because I am not sure I can draw Superman perfectly (pretty boy image etc). So hopefully this is a nice work around it.

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As usual I printed this shirt through shirtinator, who apparently is based in Germany so it took some times to arrive.

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Khansa , Dinosaurs and T-shirt

Khansa loves Dinosaur, and she also loves drawing. One day she made some really cute Dinosaur drawings which in my opinion looks really great on t-shirts. So with some photoshop cropping and a bit of cleaning up I’ve put them up in my old Redbubble account.

I uploaded two versions, one for children and one for adults.

Parachoot Spinosaur.JPG
Parachoot Spinosaur





pogo velociraptor
Pogo Velociraptor



Bicicle T-rex


Kids =

triceratops marathon
Marathon Triceratops

Kids Clothes –

Adults :

Moga – moga laku, ya, nak …lumayan , kan. Nambah uang jajan…sukur-sukur bisa bayar kuliah, liburan keliling dunia …naik haji ..amiiin

Khansa umurnya 8 tahun dan saat itu duduk di kelas tiga