There are some artist that I know documenting in difficult areas and or where documenting photos would be difficulti. One is Joe Sacco with his Book “Palestine” and “Footnotes in Gaza” or  “Save are Gorazde” (a documentation about the Bosnian War first hand from the conflict area)


Another example is Guy Delisle with “Shenzen – a Travelogue from China” where the author went to China document his experience there or “Pyongyang: a journey in North Korea” where Guy Delisle went behind the most closed country and work and documented his journey

27152644535Although not purely relying on memory  they still use themselves as a tool to record events or experience to let the world, Although in a situation where cencorship is harsh or condition are extreme (war).

CCTV snapshots 2

To gain more authenticity and capture the essence of a cctv, I tried to use a spy cam pen and record videos using the pen when going out. The problem with the pen is that we can’t aim and have to trust on how its positioned in our pocket. It turned out that most of the shot were of the ceiling, because the way it was in the front pocket.

I tried to collage them and combine with the previous shots.

I remembered Joshua Davis, a Flash Designer who used patterns and a randomizer in flash to create patterns With this collage type randomizer, its seems more fixed compated to joshua Davis’ dynamic patterns.

Poster possibility

Picasa 3 3242014 121212 PM
The Picasa Collage interface

Trace Recordings Exhibition

Surveillance and identity in the 21st century
22 October–29 November 2013
UTS Gallery, Sydney

This exhibition which can be acccesed online at is a collective of artists and their responce to surveillance.

Turning an eye to 21st century surveillance, Trace Recordings examines the mechanisms of these increasingly pervasive systems, explores how they are altering our behaviours and shifting our ideas of public/private selves.

From the DNA left on chewed gum to top-secret NSA listening stations, this exhibition casts an artistic light on the scale and sophistication of surveillance technologies, question their lack of transparency and asks what power we have as individuals within them. From data tracking to drones, Trace Recordings presents work by eleven artists who use a wide variety of media and ideas to critically and at times playfully address these issues.

Curated by Chris Gaul and Holly Williams, Trace Recordings features works by Denis Beaubois, James Bridle, Mahwish Chishty, Paolo Cirio, Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Benjamin Gaulon, Adam Harvey, Trevor Paglen, Shinseungback Kimyonghun and Matt Richardson.


Anti-Stealth Game

One of the input from my previous was making a game dodging the CCTV. I came upon this game developer who is developing game with the same idea but instead of dodging the surveillance we must make sure we are seen.

The game is called “Nothing to Hide”, although still in developemend it has a demo game.

This is a very parodic or satarical approach to the concept of surveillance

Review on the game:


As part of reading research I read George Orwell’s 1984.  I took notes of some words, paragraphs, sentences that i thought was interesting.

How could you make appeal to the future when not a trace of you, not even an anonymous word scribbed on a piece of paper, could physically survived.


Always the eyes watching you and the voice enveloping you. Asleep or awak, working or eating, indoors our outdoors, in the bath or in bed – no escape. Nothing was you own excep the few cubic centimeters inside your skull.


Thi chiming of the hour


It was an old , rabbit- bitten pasture, with a footrack wandering across it and a molehill here and there.


The hypnotized eyes gazed into his own


Freedomg is the freedom to say that two plus two made four. If that is granted all else follows.



IMGI’m stil re-reading the book

[Service Design] Alarming

The Idea started from Cindy who feels that some parent being sloppy and leave things lying around and she imagined if she have kids that things will be dangerous for the children.
According to , Home is the most likely place where accident can happen. So we were thinking of creating an app since most people are with their phones that can detect when a child is close to danger by marking dangerous objects.

We try to copy system in stores where they tag items and when you go through the exit through some scanners the alarm would go off.

When you buy our app you’ll be provided with several tags that should be scanned by the app in order to mark it. The name of the app is called “Alarming”

Marker stickers for Alarming
Marker stickers for Alarming
Alarming Logo
Alarming Logo
service design
Alarming User Interface Design

The Video

To promote the product  we had develop a video. The idea takes inspiration from Mission Impossible and was shot on top of a green screen to enable us to add effects to it.  The final cut was previewed through the Interim Show. Here is the raw cuts without sound.

[Research] Mapping CCTvs

As part of researching CCTv , I mapped all visible CCTVs from the uni to George Square









There were several type CCTvs, mostly point at where possible crowd gather (Town Hall, Square) or where senstiive transaction is going on (till, ATMs) or entrances.