Khansa , Dinosaurs and T-shirt

Khansa loves Dinosaur, and she also loves drawing. One day she made some really cute Dinosaur drawings which in my opinion looks really great on t-shirts. So with some photoshop cropping and a bit of cleaning up I’ve put them up in my old Redbubble account.

I uploaded two versions, one for children and one for adults.

Parachoot Spinosaur.JPG
Parachoot Spinosaur





pogo velociraptor
Pogo Velociraptor



Bicicle T-rex


Kids =

triceratops marathon
Marathon Triceratops

Kids Clothes –

Adults :

Moga – moga laku, ya, nak …lumayan , kan. Nambah uang jajan…sukur-sukur bisa bayar kuliah, liburan keliling dunia …naik haji ..amiiin

Khansa umurnya 8 tahun dan saat itu duduk di kelas tiga

[inktober] Day 2


A simple inking sketch became a comic page 😀


I called this piece “my lifeline”

Story behind this is, Khansa always wanted to wave goodbye to me when i go to work, so she’ll run up to her room and start weaving goodbye and shouting “I Love you, Daaaad!” while making the heart symbol with her little hand. She always her mom to come and say goodbye together.


Dear…if only you know how warm my heart felt just remembering that …

Angry Birds New Characters

Khansa is a big fans of the game, Angry Birds – She played Angry Birds, Angry Birds Season, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Seasons, Bad Piggies, Angry Birds Rio, and Angry Birds Star Wars. Last night while I was colouring Steampunk Queen She came up with new Angry Birds Characters. Any body now somebody from Rovio? Maybe we can sell these characters so Khansa can add somemoney to her eduction funds. 😀

CAROK – CAtatan ROmbongan Kereta

Or “Notes of  of Train users” a compilation of short stories about using train mostly in Indonesia. I submitted 3 pages of comics about Khansa’s experience when she accompanied me on the train to work in the UK. Suprisingly those pages won first place! I also got the chance to design the cover.

Carok is a common name refering to culture  from the Madura region in Indonesia. It is intimidating term but in this book it becomes something more comical and funny and has nothing to do with original Carok from Madura.

If want to buy the book you can get it from Mozaik Indie Publisher