[KBoD] Khansa’s book of Dragons

Aside dinosaurs Khansa loves dragons. She has read all 12 books of ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ two times, including listening tp a couple of audio books that was read out by David ‘DrWho’ Tennant. The HTtyD books also contains 4 dragon cards at back which khansa liked to play battle with me sometimes.

Inspired by these carda she started to create her own book of dragons by sketching Dragons on small pieces of paper. I also bought her several other books about drawing dragons

I tried to jump in an redraw her dragon designs. So this is based on her dragon sketch below.

She has already drawn about 30 dragons complete with its details. Lets see how i can go. I try to stick to manual marker drawings just so that i can practice the classic way of doing it without getting digital

Khansa , Dinosaurs and T-shirt

Khansa loves Dinosaur, and she also loves drawing. One day she made some really cute Dinosaur drawings which in my opinion looks really great on t-shirts. So with some photoshop cropping and a bit of cleaning up I’ve put them up in my old Redbubble account.

I uploaded two versions, one for children and one for adults.

Parachoot Spinosaur.JPG
Parachoot Spinosaur

Adult: http://tinyurl.com/zmmj74y

Kids: http://tinyurl.com/hvnxf25



pogo velociraptor
Pogo Velociraptor


Adult: http://tinyurl.com/zvselgt


Bicicle T-rex

Adult: http://tinyurl.com/ju64m57

Kids = http://tinyurl.com/zemp5tc

triceratops marathon
Marathon Triceratops

Kids Clothes – http://tinyurl.com/ho896o5

Adults : http://tinyurl.com/zxwa59j

Moga – moga laku, ya, nak …lumayan , kan. Nambah uang jajan…sukur-sukur bisa bayar kuliah, liburan keliling dunia …naik haji ..amiiin

Khansa umurnya 8 tahun dan saat itu duduk di kelas tiga

Featured at The Photoshop Daily

My short tutorial on making Photoshop comic bubbles somehow got linked at a website called “The Photoshop Daily”

tutorial get featured

The page used for the tutorial was from a comic by Rick Pipito from Script Comics called “Soul 4 Supper: Ghostly Hauntings” . I decided to tweet about it yesterday and now it shows up on that site. The page actually got a lot of visits before (well not like a lot lot – frequent I might say).  I guess the tutorial is useful or  often searched

Maybe I should tweet my other tutorial ….:D

How to Layout Your Comic in the Social Media age

*this is mean to be a note for my self based on my observation*

Juxtaposed pictorial and other images in deliberate sequence, intended to convey information and/or to produce an aesthetic response in the viewer – Scott Mccloud


No doubt the most popular social media these days and a powerful marketing tool. Facebook also opens a wide opportunity to digitally publish your comics. Be it trough a ‘Fan Page’ or through your personal account, comics can be published and updated on our own pace.

There are several approach to publish on Facebook

  1. Traditional approach

What I meant is treating each photo upload as a single comic page in a traditional (paper sense). Which can be a full comic page such as ‘Zenit – Eclipse’ from Facebook/Zenitcomics

ZENIT 4 HAL 05-01.jpgA couple of setback for this kind of layout is it relays heavily of user seeing it through a computer screen, rather than trough a small screen of a smartphone. Where readibility would be a problem, even on the computer, Facebook has limitiation in zooming in (depends on if you allow users to download hi-res images which is a extra job for the reader – not good practice IMO unless you are Jim Lee or Frank Miller).

Zenit try to cope with ‘detail’ loss with crossposting from free blog platform such as WordPress (http://komikarpetbiru.wordpress.com) where an adequate size of comic page is put for reader who can enjoy more details.

phone screen statitics
From PhotoArena.com


Although there based on the trends phone screen size are increasing, still readability size is still an issue which bring me to the second approach.

2. The Album

Well, I don’t really know the name for this approach, but as you can probably guess the approach uses the Facebook Album as ‘the page’ . One photo uploaded is considered as one panel of the comic.

One example is Su’od facebook/ceritanyasuod by Ogie Urvil from Komik Karpet Biru.

suod contoh by Ogie Urvil - Copy

So basically is you create an album which serves as your comic book, each page practically is a ‘splash page’. Readers navigate through the comic by clicking next. ‘Juxtaposed’ in Scott McCloud’s term not there in a virtual environment represented by a click on the arrow.

suod contoh by Ogie Urvil 2 - Copy
Page 1 ‘The Cover’

and click nect (By clicking the right side of the picture where usually an arrow appears),  which brings you to page 2 and so on.

suod contoh by Ogie Urvil 3

A more ‘extreme’ approach is probably by  Alisnaik from facebook/komikalisnaik

alisnaik contoh

a one panel comic, which is technically not ‘Juxtaposed’ with anything else but if we half the page with a comic gutter it can be considered as comic (I’m being insisting ‘lol’)

Going back to readability, comic artist played with the orientation in order to make the comic readable such as ‘Kostum’ at Facebook/kostumkomik by Haryadi Gee


Haryadi divided the page into two horizontally in a landscape orientation. Comic artist basically have the utter freedom to use whatever orientation, style (manga, four comma, two panels, europe, american) to publish their comic digitally where as before this is more dictated by the printing/publisher. This digital medium also gives a lot freedom on how much they are going to publish and how often.

next i’m going to talk about other comic layout is other social media ….(to be continued)

All comics are published in Indonesian (apologize non Indonesian readers) but at least you might grab the concept.

All comics are © of their respective creators.