Exhibition Pick Me Up

24 April – 5 May 2014
Open daily 10.00 – 18.00 (Last admission 17.15)
Late night Thursdays and Fridays until 22.00 (Last admission 21.15)
Embankment Galleries, South Wing
Participants: Various

Pick Me Up is a graphic arts festival held annually boasting an informal atmosphere with display by talents selected by a special panel. The Exhibition consisted of two floors; the first floor consisted of display by rising new talents selected artist from all over the world

The second floor consisted of Illustration houses and their booths where visitors can interact and even create their own posters or even painting cut out shapes or joining a card battle (puckcollectives.com). Some booths also show case manual small scales printing machines. Each day there is a special event going at one of the rooms at the second floor, including plasticine animation workshop and events for children.
Some highlights of the event was In my Opinion was Handsome Frank and the Puck Collective. Handsome

Franks displayed amazing illustrations using different kind of medium. And the way they promoted their work through instagram and twitter plus a laid back ambience with the music playing added a plus for work displayed all though most of the studio spots were crammed with works.

Puck Collective interested me, because they are inviting people to create their own battle cards and hold a tournament each week. Puck Collective is one of the largest UK illustration collective consisting of 40 members.
Jack Hudson an Illustrator from Birmingham also interested me by his illustrations combining big and small. I particularly liked the face picture.

In all I think the idea of involving the visitors in creating something could be a way to interest the visitor to know more about the studio or the process. . It also gives me more exposure to the illustration world outside the popular media.

A thought on image and postmodernism

One interesting thinf that i found from an article by Jack Solomon, from the book Portable POstmodernist. where he said  that what matters is the “look”, or how image is, because of the constant shaping of MTV where in each video there is a different role for the singer. In my opinion that what probably makes facebook so big these day. People try to project their own image to the world, an image they can control or image they want people to see. I can also refer to Bauldriald who said what more important is the hyperreality that image projects not what the image is.(?)

Note Taking from Change by Design


These are some notes taken while reading the by book  ‘Change by Design’ by im Brown

The Brief
Make a smart brief that applies enough freedom with constrains that push creativity

Smart Teams
All of us are smarter than any of us.  A multi disciplinary team from an interdisciplinary backgrund.

Design thinking is the opposite of group thinking but takes place in a group

Group thinking surpress creativity

Use small teams instead of one big team.

Objective is simple and limited -> works for small tea
New Technology (properly designed and wisely deployed) can help powert a small team

The Internet helps information move around but has done little to bring people together

Generating ideas and building consensus around teams

Connect,  Share and “publish” -> IM, blog and Wikis

Cultures of Innovation
People know they can experiment, take risks and explore
Better ask forgiveness afterwards, than perrmission befero
Serious Play

Design Thinking -> embodied thinking
Facilities -> dedicated space  to develop

regulation-> sized space produce regulate size

3 spaces of innovation
Inspiration, ideation, implementation

Design thinking -> moving upstream

Collabration that amplifies the creative power of individual but flexible and ready for opportunities..

Converting need into demand/putting people first

Behavior are never right or wrong but they are always meaningful

Conventional market research -> inceremental improvements but doesn’t provide groud breaking solutons

helping people

insight, observation and empathy

Insight: Learning from the lives of others
Observation: whatching waht people don’t dp, listening to what they don’t say.

Connect on emotional level
Make clients part of the experience

Use analytical tools to break apart problems to understand better

Creative -> Synthesis putting together pieces

Best idea come from organizations that have room to experiment

  • Those most exposed besr responded and motivated to do so
  • Ideas should not be favoured based on who creates them
  • Ideas that create bizz should be faved
  • Risk tolerance

Prototype should teach us something about objectives, process and ourselves

Prototype should be made with the lowest budget just to generate useful feedback