Khansa , Dinosaurs and T-shirt

Khansa loves Dinosaur, and she also loves drawing. One day she made some really cute Dinosaur drawings which in my opinion looks really great on t-shirts. So with some photoshop cropping and a bit of cleaning up I’ve put them up in my old Redbubble account.

I uploaded two versions, one for children and one for adults.

Parachoot Spinosaur.JPG
Parachoot Spinosaur





pogo velociraptor
Pogo Velociraptor



Bicicle T-rex


Kids =

triceratops marathon
Marathon Triceratops

Kids Clothes –

Adults :

Moga – moga laku, ya, nak …lumayan , kan. Nambah uang jajan…sukur-sukur bisa bayar kuliah, liburan keliling dunia …naik haji ..amiiin

Khansa umurnya 8 tahun dan saat itu duduk di kelas tiga

Jurrasic Converse

There’s is nothing new under the Sun

Well, shoe art has been around for awhile, and there are plenty of tutorials around. But for me this is something new and Khansa was pretty excited when I told her that I’m going to make her a pair of custom Dinosaur shoes. So here it goes

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