[Illustration] Kitchen Chat


Best place to chat is the Kitchen

We visited a friend who recently has a new born. The husband is a nice chap who just reverted to Islam. We spent times talking about his first fasting, how he overcame his drinking problem, how he tried to fit in a nonmuslim world. A nice weekend spend, On Sunday I showed him the sketch of the picture and he asked me to send the coloured version so I did. Tomorrow might print it off and send it to him. Insha Allah

kitchen Chat Sketch

Manual. Photoshop, Paint Tool SAI

[Comic] Yang tertolak

It’s Ramadhan, Alhamdulillah. So I might put down some Islamic comics ideas I’ve put of for a while. Also the #Ramadhancomic iniative on Facebook asked me to contribute (gak pede pol , dah). This comic is also posted on Comics for Islamic Days website and Facebook. It’s in Indonesian.

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